Toe Strap

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Ive been looking to buy the Zhik laser toe strap & it appears to have a second loop which I can only assume would be for the elastic ?
So my question is,
Is this toe strap legal to use, if you only use the one loop as the rules permit,
Am I likely you get any unwanted attention for having a toe strap with two loops on, but obviously not using both the loops ?
Yes, two loops are illegal, but I don't think the latest Zhik straps have the second loop.

Not a big deal anyway, you can just cut the second loop so it's unusable - the measurers are happy then.


Former ISAF Laser Measurer
The second loop is illegal and needs to be cut off. Brian the owner of Zhik, removed the loop on subsequent production runs of the hiking straps when I pointed out it was illegal.