To Furl or Not to Furl

I have not posted here in quite a while. I spent a lot of time in making my own furling system a few years ago. I have not had access to a lake other than a tiny one near by in about 3 years. I used to sail on a big lake in Virginia and I can tell you first hand that a furling jib makes all the difference in the world in calming things down when the wind gets up in a hurry. One pull and over 1/3 of the canvas is gone and you only have one sail to try and control then. I also put jiffy reefing in to remove another 1/3 or so when necessary. It stops the screaming ;) plus if its a windy day you can reef the main and balance it with just pulling out a partial jib area or go full jib and get it back in in a hurry if need be and already be down to a reefed main. I like options. Though these are one designs, not everybody wants to sail her with her ear in the water.