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to bung or not to bung, that is the question


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I just bought an early laser ('70's). It has a bung plug at the stern next to the rudder and one in the cockpit. For a boat of this vintage under what conditions should these be in or out?


Upside down?
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The one in the stern should be IN; otherwise, your hull will fill up :eek:

The one in the cockpit can be left out once it gets (quite) windy and a lot of water splashes into the cockpit. But under gentle conditions, most people will 'stopper up'.


the stern one should always be in... it's a sailboat, not a submarine:D. The one in the cockpit is there to drain the cockpit (duh) and is compatible with the autobailer system. I'd say spend the 50 bucks and get the autobailer.