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Nice - Gentlemen - Nice!

Before anyone even tries to figure out what was changed, we're all over Merrily like flies on sh&t. Call out the ACLU, call the 1st ammendment lawyers, she is changing content! Let's not ask the obvious question, what was changed! Even the person that started the thread didn't seem to care that much!

All of you out there ripping it up, demanding apologies, telling us all how it ought to be, time to man up - or do you all really believe adding 4 words to the title is such an offense.

Unreal! Dirty Fork is an understatement.
Uhh... for my part, I don't believe adding 4 words to a title is a big offense at all, and I certainly haven't asked anybody for an apology.

I do, on the other hand, think that the tone that Merrily and Bradley are setting has, as of late, become ... well ... for lack of a more delicate phrase, smarmy and obnoxious. I can't for the life of me imagine why they're doing it. It certainly isn't, as far as I can see, doing anything to increase the readership or participation in this forum, nor to improve the value of the site as an information resource, nor to increase the total amount of fun being had in this world, which, if I'm not mistaken, is the ultimate purpose here.

So why am I offering my loudmouthed opinion, rather than simply voting with my feet? Because Merrily and Bradley are friends. No, I don't know them personally, but they are friends to the Laser class and to the sport of sailing. And when your friends act weird, or do things that don't appear to be in their own self interest, you don't just walk away, you point it out.
Here's a good example of a well-named thread:

From the above link:

"You know what else I found out today by accident? Whatever thread title you write here automatically gets posted on the NA laser class assc. website homepage. So for example if you started a thread called...All NA laser sailors have tiny brains...imagine the sudden influx of angry NA's to this site. One way to boost visitors I guess."

Notice this is a thread about where best to sit while sailing a Laser, titled "Silly Laser Sailing Thread".

I'd never bothered to look at that thread before now because of the title (really) bur I clicked on the link you gave having no idea about the thread - and its really quite interesting. Which I suppose to me illustrates that a decent title really is worthwhile.

Likewise, I tend not to bother with threads called things like "Help" or "Did you know", etc. I tend to only look at threads if I think they will be interesting or relevant - and you only have the title to go on.

Uhh... for my part, I don't believe adding 4 words to a title is a big offense at all, and I certainly haven't asked anybody for an apology.

etc., etc.
I don't think there is a forum in the world that does not have a thread like this one.

However, they normally have a better point to argue about than adding 4 words to a thread's title.

But then if we let this issue pass, next thing you know moderators will be adding 5 words to a title, then 6 words. If we let them get away with it we might start finding punctuation and capital letters creeping in unexpectedly ... And the world will probably end.

I really can't beleive I just read all this thread. God I love a good punch up but there just isn't one here! As my kids would say - Bothered!!!!!

Merrilly you feel free to change any thread title you like as far as I'm concerned!