TLF Outages


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A simple explanation:

We are having some major server issues right now. The computer is being attacked by outside hackers and slowing it down or causing it to crash. I have been able to mask the problem for the most part, but obviously, not completely. Every effort is being made to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your concern,
That explains it. Bogging down. I belong to a forum called, and around xmas they had the same problem and the whole thing was down for a week and a half. They are still working on re-linking all the old archive photos. Some stuff is just lost I guess.
Yes, I encountered intermittent problem while trying to access laser forum for last few days.. but today it seems alright...

And someone dares to hack our forum??!!! How dare that person! This forum is so important to us, the fans of sailing...

Hope the hacker can be tracked down and their access blocked thereafter...