A Hull Identification Number (HIN) was required on any boat hull made after November 1, 1972. The number is supposed to be engraved into the upper right hand of the transom as you face the transom from the rear, but some builders used stickers with the number. If your hull does not have a HIN, then (a) your boat is pre-1972 or (b) the number was on a stricker that has long since come off or (c) the builder was not in compliance with the HIN federal legislation. There is a good website on HINs at: www.sailingsource.com/force5/boatinfo/hullnumber/

Alan Glos
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Excuse my ignorance, but the transom is the rear of the boat? The boat has no stickers, so it must be on the transom. I have a look in the morning. Thanks.