tips on painting a laser hull

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I have a 38 year old laser in decent shape. It has spent much of the past 20 years on dry land. Even the ropes are still in good condition, although I am going to replace them and go for a newer, cleaner look. My kids and I are looking forward to enjoying it.

The original green hull is sun faded and has some scratches and divets on it. Does anyone have recommendations on the best way to repair the fiberglass hull and paint it? I'd also like to keep the same green color, since I'm fond of it, and it just wouldn't be the Valkyrie without that green shade.

I've looked a little on the web, and found a lot of info on what sounds like major overhaul work. I was hoping for a sand-it spray-it technique (to do in a week). But the sites also indicate the paint work lasts only from 1-5 years, depending on which technique is used (one step, two step, etc). Since I have the original paint on now, will I add more maintenance to my boat by trying to spruce it up?


The original "paint" is not paint, but gel coat. Gel is tougher than paint. Try a superfine light sanding with 800 grit sandpaper or lighter, or just get a marine buffing product. That might make bring it up enough that you won't need to paint it.