Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

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The teak for the cooler, could you give me the approximate size of the pieces, I had tape on them with each item and location. The oil let most of them fall off. I have three doors with hinges on them I will select the best one for you.
Hello Ricky, yes I still have it, one brace needs to be tig welded at the rail. Other than that it is in good shape. If you are interested just post a message to me and I will get right back with you. Thanks, Chris.
Hi Chris, is the stern pulpit still available, if so where are you located. Mine also got damaged in Sandy and need to be repaired or replaced.
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Cleveland Ohio, The pulpit is not bent at all the post had a bad weld and broke during removal. It does line up perfectly I have MIG and arc welders just no tig otherwise I would
Have repaired it already. Asking 500.00 as is
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What type of winch do you have?. The bases will vary to some. Mainly for bolt spacing. Measure the width across the toe rail side and then to the cockpit on one side and I will compare them to the ones that are on mine. If they are the same I will send you a message. Thanks, Chris.
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Do you still have the Lexan companionway hatch, the board that covers the porta-poty, locker doors, both sliding and swinging? If so, can you send pictures and pricing? Thanks,