Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

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I am looking for the teak mirror above the sink. I will buy it if you have it because I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Please E-mail me. @ jeff-zimmerman@hotmail.com
Hello Jeff, I have the mirror that was in her when I bought her it was mounted above the sink on the starboard forward bulkhead. It's not teak though it looks like it is


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Sorry for the delay was injured and the recovery was very long still have many parts just drop me a line and i will send you photos of what your looking forQUOTE="rkliemt, post: 137997, member: 32038"]hey ....i guess at this late date since u ran this....what do u have left?[/QUOTE]
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Hello Ricky, yes I still have it, one brace needs to be tig welded at the rail. Other than that it is in good shape. If you are interested just post a message to me and I will get right back with you. Thanks, Chris.
Sold, I also could use the cupboard door over the sink with hinges and the brackets/Teak that hold the cooler in place.
Please call me to set up payment.