On tillers the main advantage that has not been mentioned yet applies to all low profile tillers of any material. (The only low profile ones I know of are made of Carbon.) The low profile helps the traveller blocks sit farther outboard as the rise created in the middle is less so there is less tendency for the blocks to creep back to the centre line in lighter breeze. It is significant when comparing a low profile tiller with a standard aluminium tiller after a tack.
Yes Carbon tiller extensions do not like to be "bent" over the gunwhale but then neither does aluminum. Carbon does not feel as cold as aluminum. This makes a huge difference up here in the colder climes on hand fatigue. (gloves don't help when it is that cold)
Just my thoughts.
Carbon can also have grip moulded into the epoxy, meaning foam grips are not needed, reducing weight and adding grip all the way along. However, I still maintain a laser a few grammes lighter is not much faster than any other boat.
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Ya'll seem to feel pretty good about the carbon tiller setup, so what combinations to ya'll recomend. I know that Acme, Rooster, and Op all make carbon tillers; and that Acme and Ronstan make the good extensions. What do you guys have.
I have a rooster tiller and holt carbon 1.2m extension. Personally, I don't like the rooster extension grip - I prefer the rubber foam stuff. Tillers: go for low profile, extensions: go for which grips you like and your prefered length.