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I have a tiller extension that is very nice to have when I am hiked out and moving.
If I am on the edge of my ability and think my next tack or jybe is going to be harry, I quickly remove it before my move.
during these transitions I get the tiller all jacked up. It's like in my way.
It seems like I can make a more smooth transition with it out of my way.

Until I get this figured out, I think it would be nice to have a clip on the tiller that I could snap it into during the times I don't need the extension.

Do they make such a thing?

hiking stick retainer

go to any Home Depot, Lowes, or hardware store. They sell metal or plastic C shaped retaining clips to hold brooms and mops to walls. You would probably have to screw it to the wood tiller handle with a small screw to be effective . Any marine store would sell the boating equivalent (probably at 2X the cost). My Capri came with a hiking stick and the plastic clip already installed.
I have velcro strips wrapped around the tiller and the extension . I can virtually basically toss the hiking stick over to the tiller and it will stick . I dont like the clips , they break, and want to snag sheets and skippers .

Practice your tacking when its calm, get a rhythm going that will be second nature in all conditions.

Also, I , like many others , think the stock tiller is too long . You can slide it back a couple of inches in the rudder head and try it out.



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You could go to a boat store and see what would work for your application.

While in the Sailboat Shop here in Austin, I saw a Tiller extension with a clip that would work perfect for my extension. I asked Chuck if he could order a replacement clip for the "Battle Stick" extension.... I should have it in a week.

I also like the velcro idea. Lowes or Home Depot sells clips for brooms etc. that would work but they are not stainless. There would also be some clips in the pegboard section that could work as well.

Let us know what you figured out....