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tiller grips


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I got a plain aluminum one from Intensity, then wrapped it in bicycle handlebar grip tape, + that's worked well for me.


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The problem with ali ones is that they bend. If you have a carbon one these are usually grippy enough.

What the guys locals to me do on their ali tiller extension is wrap a thin pieced of rope round it and then cover that with tape.

Bike tape would be OK but may come off easily.


What is it you are looking for feature wise ? Is it the fat foam grip ? If so, Harken, Holt, and Ronstan all offer aluminum extensions that have it..

As mentioned above, you can also come up with your own grip.

If you are just starting out in the Laser, I'd say the fact that the aluminum extension bends (only when sat on, or held on when falling overboard) can be a plus. Some of the carbon extensions will just break in the same conditions.


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I liked the colorful grip thats all. I just wanted to see if you guys had seen any longer ones online