Tiller extension universal joint

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My 14.2 mod 3 comes, as most do, with a tiller extension with no labels other than "Tacki-mac" on the end of the rubber handle grip (Note: strangely enough, Googling this grip, I get hits associated with golf grips and hockey!).

My question has to do with the u-joint which is two stainless steel yokes held together with a large-cap phillips head screw that seems to be welded in place. It has metal-to-metal contact, with no washers. The joint it seems loose enough, but doesn't swivel as freely as I expect it should. Do your tiller extensions feel a bit sloppy (very loose u-joint), or do they catch in certain parts of the rotation, and/or do they feel free to rotate through all angles?

Do you lubricate the u-joint? I'm thinking of cleaning it with WD-40, then using Boeshield T-9 (just great stuff).
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Thanks fan! I've seen that u-joint listed in several places online -- I've yet to see a good closeup of it, so it still is a bit of a mystery as to how it attaches and looks. But, it sounds like you like the way it feels and handles. I used a metal one similar to mine on a Holder 14 during sailing lessons last Summer and didn't like it much.

(note: you may recall that I'm a newbie to sailing; just bought my Capri less than a month ago; and have yet to sail it anywhere except in my parking lot!).
I had a metal universal and it would jam and bind at the worse times. Not a problem with the "rubber" ones. The tiller side has a base that is attached with screws. The extension end inserts into the tiller extension tube and is held in place with a rivet or small screw with a small piece of heat shrink to finish it off.
How do you slide the tiller through the fitting at the top of the rudder when that rubber universal base is attached to the tiller?- it block the tiller from sliding through the rudder.