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Tiller bracket wear difference


Just an interesting comparison.
I having apart my sons Sunfish rudder to make bushings for the 2 volt holes that are elongated. The hull was made in the year before the changed to the curved new style hull edge. It has the aluminum rudder bracket.
The part is the tiller to rudder bracket side pieces. You can see my sons on top vs the 1996 bracket with a plastic rudder bracket. My sons is very worn. I think his boat was used a lot in the past based on condition of parts. But it was also well taken care of too.
You can see the wallowed out holes I will be making some custom bushings to fill. I will drill out to round the make a bushing to fit tight. In plastic too.
Just some observations on a rain day in NJ.

I was just thinking, if someone has a pair they want to sell I would be interested. One of the brackets has a oval pivot hole. I can fix them, but it would not likely look pretty.


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I have new and used tiller straps if that is what you are looking for. I have used but refurbished original tiller straps in 3/16” aluminum. I sand, prime and paint these. I also have new 1/4” thick black anodized tiller straps. I have one new pair of stainless steel tiller straps, 3/16” thick. You can reach me by email at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com or private message me here.


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Wear at the straps affects "tiller rash" on the rear deck. Bushings should be made off-center to compensate. (And to raise the tiller--some).


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If stored at a ramp or shoreline beach, make sure the rudder isn't affected by wakes or tide changes.