Tight Centerboard

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I have a Mod 2 and have been sailing it for a couple of years. From the beginning I have noticed that the centerboard is very tight and difficult to slide into position. Each time I am having to kick it with my heel to raise or lower the board.

Is there something wrong with my centerboard or is there some way I could loosen it. Thanks in advance for the insights and advice.

I bought my 14.2 two weeks ago and have noticed the centerboard is very stiff to move. Mine has been sitting for about five years, and has debris in centerboard slot. I plan to remove the screws to take the board out and clean the slot and the pivot area, but have not done so yet. If mine continues to bind, I plan to lubricate the pivot area and possibly wax the board itself.
Have you done anything similar?

Removed centerboard this morning to clean & lube. Works much better
after removing grit that had built up between board, brackets and slot.
Posted pictures of process for anyone unfamiliar. Easy, 1 screwdriver job!
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I tried at one time to get the centerboard out. I removed the screws but could not determine what I needed to do next to remove the centerboard. I will look at it again and try.

I appreciate the quick feedback.

To remove centerboard:
Remove 4 machine screws, undo lifting line at blocks and pull it up and out of the slot. Stainless brackets slide up and out with the centerboard. Hardest part for me was reaching over the side of the boat while it was on the trailer and getting the brackets lined back up to put it back in. I did spray the whole centerboard with silicone to make it work well (dry). The whole process took about an hour, but I was in no hurry this morning. I posted pictures in my folder showing what you're dealing with.
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I got it out just fine. It does not appear to be dirty but I will clean and lubricate it before inserting it.

Now that I know how to remove it, I have this terrific idea to create a pattern for a new centerboard so that I can have one with more weight. It is just an idea know but may turn into a project.

Thanks spidey for the help. I have another issue but will make a new post to start that up.
Now that I know how to remove it, I have this terrific idea to create a pattern for a new centerboard so that I can have one with more weight. It is just an idea know but may turn into a project.
I am with you on this one; My plan is for outer shell out of stainless steel sheet metal 1/16" thick (exact duplicate of the original) and fill the inside with Lead and Epoxy. I have no idea how heavy the end product would be except that it should be significant :cool:
Be sure to also check the gaskets for the centerboard slot. If they are damaged they can jam or foul the board in the slot.
You are spot on. Chances are the gasket is stuck up in the trunk with the center board. I've been there on this one.
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The gasket is clean and clear of the centerboard. I also did not find any other debris causing the problem.

I believe my problem is actually the gap created in the fiberglass hull where the stainless steel brackets are slipped into place. When I reset the centerboard with the brackets they are squeezed in very tight a the top. It looks like my option is to trim down the fiberglass at the top so that when the bracket is placed it does not press into the centerboard.

My only challenge then may be that the screw holes for the bracket have been drilled based on this unnecessarily narrow placement.

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On the idea of a new weighted centerboard, does anyone have any recommendations on the amount of weight to use and where to place it. I am assuming placement as low as possible but the amount is a mystery to me.

Another thought, maybe simpler?

Might the centerboard be sanded/machined a bit where the brackets ride,
and fresh finish applied to keep it sealed?
Seems an easier option than opening up the slot and dealing with screw holes.