Thumbs down on Eclipse Trophy

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I hate to post something this negative but I do not want anyone else to get stuck the way that we did. Eclipse Trophy, known for its sailing trophies and plaques, should probably be avoided if you actually want to buy trophies in a timely manner. To give some background, I contacted as many trophy suppliers as I could to try and get awards for an upcoming regatta. This was around 6-8 weeks ahead of time. I know that this is a busy season and I also know that I was starting to cut it close on delivery. In my emails, this was discussed and the companies were warned about the urgency of having the awards on time. Not one of the companies said that this would be any problem at all. I asked for quotes. Eclipse was not even close to being the cheapest, but I went with them because of a local recommendation. Wow what a mistake. Emails were not responded to, phone calls were not returned, and no amount of begging and pleading made things move any smoother. Bottom line, the plaques and platters arrived on time, the lettering was slightly off, and the order was short three awards, but the charge seemed correct. Oh well live and learn on my part. But if I were you, consider yourself warned. Sorry Eclipse...:(


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Sorry you have had problems. I have been much more fortunate.

Sure, it was luck at first but then, over the years, I figured it out..

One really great thing about hosting the first 24 Easter Laser Regattas has been the simplicity of obtaining awards.

Each year, sometime shortly after Valentine's Day it seems virtually every grocery store, Target, K-Mart, Walmart, toy store and candy shop sets up a display full of Easter Laser Regatta trophies.

In an effort to introduce children to Easter Laser Regatta trophies, many civic groups, churches, and even some stores (obviously with a plan to make every child aware of the potential benefits of sailboat racing) will go so far as to hide batches of Easter Laser Regatta trophies whose location is then eagerly discovered by enthusiastic children.

My point? Instead of giving the sort of trophies sold by trophy vendors, you would be well ahead to pay attention to what your sailors really want and have wanted since they were small children. During the last few weeks before your regatta, go to the stores and see what it is the stores are stocking. Find that "seasonal" aisle and bring a lot of whatever is there to your trophy table.

I fully understand that no one may dive on the floor and fight for chocolate eggs and marshmallow peeps in May or July, but if you pass out firecrackers on July fourth or footballs and jerseys at a labor Day regatta, your trophies will be more appreciated than any chunk of wood with a plated metal doll screwed on top.

Trophy companies need to sell stuff so theri stockholders can have a profit and the workers can eat, but let's leave doing business with trophy companies to bowlers and actors guilds.

Winning a sailboat race should not cause our sailing family members to bring useless permanent dust collector doo dads into our houses.
What would make a good part prize is a (semi) permanent sticker that fits in the cockpit or on the transom that indicates you won a particular event.

What's better than showing off to your friends your laser sailing prowess?