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I was given a 99 vanguard by a neighbor and have been gathering materials and time to re gel coat and patch some surface chips that expose the fiberglass.

I was unaware there was additional damage in the cockpit. I'm not sure if I just didn't notice it or if someone was playing on it while it sat around for a few years.

I was doing some research and some sources claimed it could be fixed by cleaning it out and thoroughly epoxying the crack. Though I do not know if that would be strong enough to survive. It could also be done by patching it with new fiberglass sheeting and resin. However, I don't believe there is enough space to do that from the underside and I do not know if it is worth sanding down from the top as I would lose the grip texturing and I'm not sure if I could add that back in. I guess I could use a matt or something.

I was wondering how some of you might approach fixing the break shown in the picture.

It was left outside for a long time before I got my hands on it and it is extremely waterlogged. I am in the process of installing inspection ports on the deck of the bow and stern. Now that I see this damage I may put a third in the cockpit, or install the one planned for the stern in that place instead. Though access to the rudder mount might be nice.


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The repair can be done sight-unseen from the underside.

Otherwise, to clean it out, I'd use a Dremel tool or regular sabersaw with a narrow (and shortened) metal-cutting blade. (There's only half an inch of space underneath to work in). Seal with thickened epoxy resin or "Thixo".

Until one's repair is prepared, 2" white "Gorilla" tape will keep it clean and watertight for years.