Thoughts from the Masters worlds

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This thread might work. There is a computer we are all allowed to use here and it is now signed in and ready for anybody who feels the need to tell about the regatta!!!

The note sitting by the computer will ask that the competitor sign the post with his first name and home country.

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The racing was damn near perfect today. The wind blew pout of about 180 for the first race with some licks of 190. It was hard hiking breeze almost all the time with a few minor lulls. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Clothing on clotheslines was drying somewhere and the leaves were rustling one last time in Nova Scotia before they get frosted and turn pretty colors.
At the start of the second race I decided the wind would probably clock a bit right.
So..I banged the right corner until my legs hurt enough to cionvince my tiller hand to push the damn stick to leward.This little side trip and a 25 degree wind shift allowed me a nice view of the front end of a somewhat distant fleet of old farts.

I rounded teh weatehr mark and offset mark and headed downwind for a while before watching somebody else decide to make a left turn and follow me.

Unfortunatly the next couple guys around the mark were dragging along letters saying AUS and GER on their leeches and I soon found out they really don't much like old fat hairy guys sailing around in front of them.

The rest of the fleet was much more polite and seemed willing to let me continue on my own...but not those two aforementioned characters.
The AUS guy ( from the Laser Two designer's family) decided he had experienced enough of fat hairy guys in front and didn't even let me round the next weather mark forst.

The german fellow was much nicer about it and didnt' blow by until halfway down the last run.

He was sitting on a four inch wave and surfing on it at a gazillion Knots while I was on the face of a five foot wave going much more slowly.
By the time they arrived at the leeward mark I could no longer really read their sail numbers.

I guess they don't much like sailing as they seemed hell bent on getting the race finished really rapidly
Anyway, One more AUS guy called Dazed and Confused ( or was it Schlacter?) roiunded right behind me and we took opposite sides of the course and headed for the finish line.

It was shifty...I am from small lake. He is from some ocean across the equator..he he he...

So I finished third and am currently spending my night gloating about the race to anyone sucker enough to conme close enough for me to bend his or her ear.

Two days to go and teh weather has been [perfect since teh damned himicane left town.


This sure beats sanding boat bottoms

Fred USA
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Dang...I was hoping for mopre comments from others.

Everybody has gone to bed is 9:30 and nobody is left here except the guy cleaning teh clubhouse, Peckover, Mithcell and me. We are sleeping on a C & C 39 that is also serving as a helper boat for the Radial fleet. The thing is great all except for the fact we have to all go out on the inflatable at the same time and we are stuck until we all come back to shore. The best part is we are the only giuys left at night and the first here in the morning. So there is a certain feeling of "home" that few others may have.

I will leave this thing signed in to the forum again tonight but it seems to sign itself off after a couple hours.

OH yes...At the worlds there is always a free computer room. There is wireless for folks with their own toys and this time there are at least 4 machines like this one sitting here for communal use.

This unit is particularly annoying to use as whenever I leave my fingers near the touch pad it changes the size of the display. I am not certain why or how but I think it has something to do with two fingers bumping the touch pad at once...any geeks with info???

G night. We are being booted out
Fred USA