This is the only thing full rig sails are good for...

Showed this to Callie (the lone lady in our shop), she loved it. Says that is very cute, and she'd wear it in a heartbeat.

I think her exact words about the skirt were 'Sooooooooooo Cute' haha :)


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Just kidding. I just had to show off what I made!
So what kind of fabric did you really use, or do you have an industrial strength sewing machine? It seems like real sailcloth with resin wouldn't be very comfortable, anyway. How did you apply the logo?
It better be completely worn out, if not, that's the most expensive skirt ever ;)

I bet I come back to the shop next week, and we are missing a sail, because our lady worker has made one for herself now.


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That is great!!! haha!
To bad Vanguard has the logo'd clothing rights all locked up, otherwise I would have some kick-butt clothing made....starting with the skirt.

PS: George, suprisingly, I hate to report that it would not be the most expensive skirt ever...take a look: (and a lot of those are not new I believe)
and don't forget the $1500 skirt at ...and I am sure there are more but I just did a quick search.



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Don't worry, the sail was blown out and ripped. 100% genuine junk until I got ahold of it!