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Hi, just an update. I drove to Santa Paula, Ca . today with a 15y/o kid to pick up the 1990 Laser I bought on ebay. I kind of bought it on impulse. Haven't sailed in more than 20years and thought it would be fun. Anyway, if this boat weights 130 lbs I'm seriously out of shape. The both of us couldn't lift flip it so deck is flat on my van racks (Mecury Villiger). The boat is like new and came with a dolley that comes apart for easy storage. I'm not sorry and think I got a good deal for $1095 for the whole package. My only problem is how can I get it to the beach without bringing 2 extra people to help me lift it off the van. The only solution I can think of is buying a trailer. This was what I was trying to avoid. Any suggestions guys. My boat has a serial or I.D. #PSBD0316C090 (1990) , Pysmallbo. Any input as to type of Laser ect would be appreciated. Thanks Mike.


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you could put a roof rack with rollers at the back ... with a wheel system on your tiller holes ... cant give exact details but worked for the guy i watched once.
don't you think thats a little overkill though when you could be normal and just get a trailer, that all you would have to do just to put it in and out of the water is drive your car up and down.
Trailers involve initial cost, the trouble of registration, and they're more difficult to store than a boat alone if you want to keep it in-doors. I don't know that there is a "normal". After all, wasn't the laser designed to car-top?

That being said, I personally would be more interested in a boat on a trailer. But I'm one person out of tens of thousands.

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most people trailer, if not on their own trailer, then on the club trailer, so yea, its pretty normal
why don't you try installing a inspection port and blowing air through it so it loses water weight. there should be no reason other then water in the hull for the boat to weigh 135+


My husband and I can lift my Laser without much trouble. I take the bow, which is lighter. Two adults can do the job, so if yours is so heavy that you can't, then the fiberglass probably is soaked with water. If you don't want to cut an inspection port, then get a little fan, Vtgent49 recommends a computer fan, and keep it running at the transom drain over the winter to dry it out. A little fan because they tell that too much air pressure can blow the boat apart at the gunwale seams.
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I think I have to agree with you guys. A trailer is the way to go. Thought I could dodge the added cost. If I want to be able to sail without involving others its the only way to go. I take it the "dolley" that came with the boat is only for manuevering it by hand and not designed to be towed by a car? Thanks Mike.

P.S. do I have to get a trailer specifically designed for the Laser? Or will any generic boat trailer work?


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$1095 for a complete boat, including dolly, is a pretty good deal. Don't know about the weight thing, but there is no way to get a Laser on and off roof racks by yourself easily.

I sometimes cartop myself, but I have a Harken lift system in my garage lets me drop it down on top of the car. Of course I still have to find somebody help me take it on and off the car once I get to the water (mental floss knows what I'm talking about).

Trust me on this one - if you don't have an easy way to launch and retrieve the boat, you won't use it very much. I only cartop when traveling several hundred miles. I trailer when going to the local lake.

There are various options for trailers. For $300 or so, you can buy a generic trailer from someplace like Northern Tool and Equipment and adapt it for Laser. You can also buy Trailex or Kitty Hawk trailers that are custom-designed for Lasers. These allow for easy launchand retreival, but run $600-$700. There are a ton of threads on trailers here.
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Oh! good tip on possibility of water in the hull. I never thought about that. I didn't notice any sloshing around when we finally did get it up on the roof. Like Merrily mentioned maybe the fiberglass is waterlogged inside. Will definately check that out!
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Right! That my new mission. Find a trailer, pronto. Without it I can see the hassle would a great behavior modification technique to keep me from using the boat very much. Too much of an ordeal. Hooking up to the car and backing into the water sounds much more user friendly. See ya.
if you do find a trailer find one without rollers they cause stress on the hull, one that radles the hull is ideal, like this trailer in the picture its my boat on its trailer
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Capt. Jack, Thanks for the picture. Definately helps my in my search. I would imagine the part of the trailer that the boat sits on must be custom for the contour of the lazer boat. How does that work. Do I buy a trailer then order that part separate. This is probably a stupid question.
The best way to actually trailer a laser a upside down, deck down. We got a 13' sea lion trailer, and just made bunks out of 2 1'' by 6'' and screw them to the bunks that were on the trailer.
No most trailers built for the laser come custom adjusted to it, or if you have a band saw or a handy man it will bill very easy to custom adjust a traler to a laser.
If you don't want to cut an inspection port, then get a little fan, Vtgent49 recommends a computer fan, and keep it running at the transom drain over the winter to dry it out. A little fan because they tell that too much air pressure can blow the boat apart at the gunwale seams.
I bought a fish tank pump and have been running it into the transom plug of my boat for the last month. It seems as though it has gotten rid of the moister that was in there.