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this is how it starts isnt it??? another one to the fleet.

joe c

Well, another laser2 turned up locally. 800 bucks with a trailer. An 85. No spin or trapezes. Decent looking sails. But same rig as mine from the photos. I couldnt resist, The guys racing a few weeks back flipped one of the boats in some wind and swell it turtled and the mast dug in. The mast was driven through the hull and then bent, then the boat sank as much as it could sink. they used the race committee boat to haul it to the nearest beach, which in an ironic twist is our local county sailing school! Ive been worried about damaging my mast to the point its not repairable because its obviously specific to the boat. and im not so interested in it that retrofitting something is something id entertain. So started the search for another boat almost immediately after putting mine in and realizing its going to be upside down a lot in very shallow water. I just never thought about its being that catastrophic. This boat hasnt seen water for a little while. But looks to be a in pretty decent shape from the photos. I know....im just putting off the inevitable. lol. But i feel better knowing i have a spare...eveything. :) i bought it sight unseen except photos. Just for the fact it has standing rigging and ok sails.

Im old enough to know better. And old enough to make foolish decisions. I guess i fit in now.

Ill update with pics when i grab it later in the week. Now i need to find a couple of reasonably priced sunfish.:)