This Certainly is a Silly Thread

Should I add a poll to this thread?

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Three. One to read it, one to complain about the durability of the pages, and one to ask questions about whether it would be legal to modify the pages to be made of kevlar, or perhaps to add a JC strap to help keep the cover open.
No. It's four. You forgot the one to reply first to the post on the forum about the book even though I have nothing constructive to add to the discussion.
definatly not about me ... i banged myself up pretty good last week ...

WOAH HANG ON ... that was serious! cr*p
definatly not about me ... i banged myself up pretty good last week ...

WOAH HANG ON ... that was serious! cr*p
Me too. Still have a scar on my shin. No idea how I did it but it definitely happened while Laser sailing... or Laser capsizing more likely.
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That dumping is a pain in the ass. Once at a North Americans I rounded a weather mark ahead of Mark Mendelblatt in ONE race and proceeded to dump about ten times before managing to point my boat at the leeward mark.

After the race, on shore, where Mark was already in and un rigged because he broke his top section in the race after my dumparama, he said, " I don't think I have ever dumped a Laser in a race. Maybe that is why I am so slow off wind."

OK I knew Mark was not the fastest sailor downwind becuase I had occasionally seen him in front at a weather mark and in second or third at the leeward mark. But, SLOW??? I ws impressed. The guy knew his game had a flaw and he obviously was interested in fixing it.
He didn't get up to Scheidt speed, but Mark did get a second in the worlds a couple years after he made that comment.

Sorry, was this silly enough/??
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you shood be out sailing more instead of going on Laser forum to talk about rednecks eating possums lol

We had barbecued possum after the races today. It was suny, warm and nearly windless. Not only were our necks red, but nobody wore hiking pants this weekend and the girls had red knees.
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