This Certainly is a Silly Thread

Should I add a poll to this thread?

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I'm dad"?? Who's the girl?

Damned forgetful old mind. I neither remember any willing girlfriends or having a good enough time to make the necesary contribution.

Euphemism contest!!!

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Last night we had a possible rules dispute.

Two guys rounded the weather mark and their sails had buttons on them. If the tiller of the third boat has a cracked universal joint. Does the tree that fell in the forest have a silent landing when three guys walk into a bar and the rabbi says to the nun...
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What could a rabbit possibly have to say to a nun? More importantly, when did nuns start listening to rabbits?? Really, Gouv, it's just Easter Laser Regatta, Easter Laser Regatta all the time with you.

now that you bring it up....

Do you suppose Mike Phelps will swim in the Easter regatta?
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Yo0u KNow? The other night I was thinking...

OK so nobody believes me.

But really I was thinking about.

Well I forgot.

But I think I was thinking.


Maybe I was just thinking I was thinking?

OOOOH that's like looking in two opposing mirrors.

We could all think we are thinking but think we should not really think about much while thinking nobody thinks we are thinking.

What do you think?
Sad, I forgot to rigg up my Laser early enough... So, only a friend is able to tell me, how it feels on the water, during the balloons just are over him..
The ballons just start in this moment about 30 of them, I'm in a hurry. I go out and view them, they're driving direct over our house, whow...Ciao LooserLu