This Certainly is a Silly Thread

Should I add a poll to this thread?

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If one goes out for an intensive practice with the Radial, one not be wonder, if there suddenly fascinated spectators come to the peer...

Thanks Scott (+Sarah) for giving your lovely North sail to me. It still is in my good hands.




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Bible condensed

He builds a park puts a couple people in it. They get tossed out.
everything pretty much goes downhill from there.
Kids fight
one goes elsewhere and gets married ( where did she come from anyeay?)
Old dude builds big boat
it floats
is goes aground
Guy writes rules
Fellow parts water and crosses ocean
Guy gets girl pregnant
Son walks on and makes booze from water
2000 years later people still talking about it
Novice racer comes in from a windy race. "Wow that was amazing, scary reaches, really scary runs, my previous sport never scared me that much."
"Oh yea, what was that?"
"Formula 2 motor racing"
OK I would say I agreed that this is a silly thread.....

Always love to sail with my laser pointer