The Sunfish Owners Manual by Skipper and Clark

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The Sunfish Owners Manual turns 10 years old this year, it has been a popular seller. Skipper and I, plus Alan pulled the Manual together to answer some of the most common questions, with lots of photos.

The Sunfish Owners Manual

"The Sunfish Owner's Manual is a one stop resource for the world's most popular sailboat. Inside there are chapters on the History of the Sunfish, and illustrated chapters on how to Buy, Rig, Sail, Maintain, Restore, Store, Transport and Sell the Sunfish. The Restore Chapter includes Do It Yourself pictures and step by step details on how to conduct common repairs, including foam replacements and rudder conversions. The Manual has an extensive Illustrated Glossary of Sunfish and sailing terms, with 230 photos by the author, taken in the course of numerous Sunfish restorations, for both wooden and fiberglass Sunfish as well as Sailfish."

If you're new to Sunfishing we of course recommend buying a copy to spill coffee on, then come to this Forum for question answering from The Usual Visitors. If you buy the Manual, we'll give you our phone number for free Tech Support...okay, we'll give that out anyway, but having the manual to references is a big help, especially when rigging. Send us a PM.

Thanks for all of the support for this first decade!

Clark and Skipper

You too Wavedancer. I learned most of it here, Skipper learned from her Dad Capn Jack and watching yahoos drop boats during her college sailing classes.
Hi Truman,

Yes, that project is competing for time with Skipper's back injury recovery, Granddaughter, genealogy research, pre-American history small boat research, model railroading, Penobscot 14 repair, Bodwewadmi language course, flying, aviation safety research, naps, articles for Small Boats Monthly, junk shopping....

We did pick up some green cypress for the side planks in late January, it's drying in the garage now, but not sure if it is going to be nice enough to use. Alcort made a few special edition boats from cypress and mahogany that were finished bright, must have been a paint and oak shortage or an experiment to reduce costs. If the cypress doesn't work we'll go with good old spruce/pine/fir and seal it up good with epoxy before prime and paint.

See the Royce's Sailing Illustrated? The wooden Sunfish project notes are just below it, so I can at least see them.

Take your time! I was just wondering if you were still working on it I'm looking forward to it! I have 4 wooden boats in the woodshed right now and have already restored 2 before that. Currently working on a 60s wooden sunfish just finished making the new oak keel strip. But when you do get around the finishing the book I'd love one of the first copies!!


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