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The Spring Fashion Thread


OK, the weather is getting warmer and we are all thinking of getting out there to sail. I'm in the mid-Atlantic region, so the air is warmer, but the water is still cold. So, what does everyone wear when they go out in the Spring and Fall?


This is a good question. I usually don't dress for the water 'cause even if I capsize, I'll only be in it for a minute or two. So if the air is warm and the water is cold, trunks and a t-shirt are fine for me.

If the air is a bit nippy (55-70 range), I've got some neoprene booties and gloves which are nice for keeping the toes and fingers warm even while wet. In low wind a fleece jacket keeps the rest of me warm. In high wind where there is spray, I wear a slicker with a hood over the jacket. I've been tempted to try a wet suit except I've gained a few pounds over the years and my wife already has enough reasons for mirth. ;)