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The Sailing ITCH!


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Ok, who's got it?

I took the Laser out to the river yesterday to try to put in (45F degrees out....brrr)

River is way to high, running fast, lots of debris, and no wind anyway.

Haven't been sailing in almost a month. Cooped up inside all day, starring at piles of Lasers, wanting to be sailing.

Man, you got it tough out there. 78 to 80 today in S Fla.15 outa the East. But I had to work. Don't mean to brag but sailed down in Big Pine Key last weekend it was blowin steady and got to sail both days on the bay. Next time I will post some pic.


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funny you mention that, I don't even consider us having it that bad.

considering some of the Northern folks have snow and ice.... :)

Sounds like you have a nice set up though in Florida!


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hahahaha, that's awesome!

are you actually sailing the thing there?

I took the boat out yesterday, and man, not sailing for a month and then going out in breeze makes you aware of all the things that get sore!


I only get that every seven years. :D Then I put powder on it.

But seriously, I'm planning on sailing at Masters MWE, and I can't practice because of the weather here in Ohio. That's adding to the itch.



Well, this looks like another opportunity for me to pitch the fabulous sailing available for Masters in Florida in February. Y'all Y'all (that's southern for youse guys) come on down and do the Swenson FL Masters, Midweek Madness and Masters Midwinters. Six days of sailing, including two days of great training and boathandling work, in the span of nine days. All in sunny, warm Florida. Ocean sailing at it's best. Still a little time to get pre-registered and save some bucks so you can buy a little more beer.
FL Masters - Palm Beach SC - Feb 11/12
Midweek Madness - USSCMC, Jensen Beach - Feb 15/16
Masters Midwinters East - Clearwater - Feb 18/19
What more can you ask for??
And if you're really a glutton, stay one more week for the open Midwinters East.
WestCoast said:
Ok, who's got it?

Well...you just need a shower...

Actually I have the same prob. It's been in the low 40's here (BIKE riding weather!) and I'm wondering what the water temp will be if it should get above 45 say.

What's the realistic water temp you sail in (other than snowstorm frostbite sailing off the ice shelf)? I have lots of fleece, waterproof top and trousers, waterproof gloves, wool hats. If I went out on the lake in a Laser, someone would probably send out a rescue boat - they're not used to that.

Yesterday the paper showed whitewater kayakers playing in a new wave park they just finished downtown on the Clark Fork. They're out there in very cold river water rolling boats over - we oughta be able to sail, no? I need the practice!


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the water is pretty cold (lots of mountain runoff). mid/upper 40s I'd say?

As long as you sail in a pair, and dress right, it's not a huge problem. For us, the river is going fast (4kts or so) so it needs to be blowing hard to make any VMG.

If it's blowing hard, it's because a storm is here, which means it raining or will be raining...

hard combo to get someone to sail with you....

Winter series starts in 3 weeks though, hooray!
He he...winter series starting? Ours is almost over. This Saturday's forecast? sunny, 65-70 deg F, and 10 S. I think the hurricanes took the kapow out of any winter we might have had.
I know I've got the itch to be on the water. I'm starting to give weather forecasts to my students and sailing is a recurring theme in my examples for my English classes. By the end of the semester, I'll probably have them understanding how race series are scored. So far none of my seniors have figured out that their Saturday car-wash fundraising schedule is being made to fit my Spring sailing schedule. :D
sailor327 said:
yah it is nice here in florida. where do you live waterdown

Live in Deerfield Bch. Just getting back into the sport mostly sail in county lake and FL keys with a couple older boats some friends and the kids. Will most likey check out the master later this month.
Yeah, it was in the 50's to 60's last weekend, if I only had a dry suit :D I have not sailed since November. I wish the weather would either stay in the 10-20's or 60's so the water would warm up so i could either dive and sail or ski


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Merrily said:
A dog sitter!

Me too. Skipper is having trouble some days getting up the stairs and into the house. At 14 he eats, sorta chases a ball, swims, and steals tomatoes from my garden...yes I have a tomato garden and I just covered it because it might freeze again tonight.


Sorry to brag. ( no I'm not) but we have a local sailing race at noon tomorrow. The College sailors are having a regatta here tomorrow as well. The Oklahoma Team is sleeping in the old Laser Class office tonight. They are probably about ten miles away now..last of their 400 mile trip.

It is hard to assemble big fleets when the cities or schools are 250 miles apart!!!


gouvernail said:
Me too. Skipper is having trouble some days getting up the stairs and into the house.

It is hard to assemble big fleets when the cities or schools are 250 miles apart!!!
Ace, a Brittany spaniel, is 13 and she gets around really well, but she is getting confused. She often goes to the door to be let out because she forgets that she was just out. Either that or she is bored because it is not sailing season!

And that's what you get for living in a state that used to be its own country! Seriously, hope your club has a blast with the college sailors!