The Saga continues....

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Laser Class implodes!

The world’s largest Olympic sailing class has committed suicide with a rare form of self-cannibalism. It started with the two builders, who could not agree on whether to triple the price for the existing sail or continue releasing new “but not improved” blades every year. Their bickering reached a climatic pitch, dueling over cross licensing issues on the Laser and some 3 knot Sh*itBox

There was rumor that their raw materials were drying up as well, including the special “stay bent” ™ aluminum tubing and “rubber band” ™ Dacron, but this reporter was able to confirm ample supplies of both available from a new supplier about to open for business in a deserted power plant somewhere in northern Japan (unconfirmed sources report that all their raw materials undergo a rigorous cleaning in the local water, which imparts “special” properties to them)

Interpol is searching for Jesta Fartin, a high ranking class officer, who was reported missing, last seen leaving his office. A search of his office left investigators with little to go on except a cryptic note on his desk:

Keep Wool

In un-related news, a man named Red Slouch announced he was “Still the last person to run a growing North American Sailing Association of over 3100 members”