The Road to Master's Midwinters in Florida

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Hey Janet. It was nice meeting you. Thanks for the results link. It's glass out there right now, but they are calling for 10 out of the SSE. We'll see.


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Hey Janet. It was nice meeting you. Thanks for the results link. It's glass out there right now, but they are calling for 10 out of the SSE. We'll see.
You too! They sailed 3 races today on trapezoid shaped courses. The wind built until there were whitecaps and it gusted to 25. Lot’s of people went over. It suited Rob B, as he took a 5th in one race and an 11th in another, to finish 13th in the regatta. Way to go, Rob!

Gouvernail’s friend Bill Mitchell wants everyone to know that he was near the head of the pack in the third race until he capsized. I witnessed it from the causeway, so it is true.

I’m happy with my decision to not sail. My left ankle swelled for some reason and I’m soaking it in the motel trash can while I type.

Thanks to Melbourne YC, which put on a great regatta in every way!

I'm not at all being judgemental or berating so I don't want you to take this question the wrong way.

Why is it you have travelled all those miles to sit on shore when the main motivation for travelling was to sail? I understand you aren't confident in those types of conditions and from the sound of it are pretty dinged up physically, but again, why?

It seems to me that going down to Florida and racing in those conditions though intimidating (for sure, no doubt) would give you more confidence and lead you to being more comfortable.

Again, not trying to be a prick, just curious.


btw, great thread, I've enjoyed reading it.

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Makes sense, I can understand that.

Besides, nice vacation from those Ohio winters. Similar to my Iowa winters.
I can tell you that sunday's conditions were not for folks who were the least bit timid. Janet did herself a BIG favor by staying ashore. Melbourne is probably one of the best places to hang out at an event when you can't be on the water. I'm sure the spectating was fun.

I think everyone should know their limitations. IMHO a large event like a midwinters or NA's is not the type of event someone should learn heavy air laser sailing. Even some guys that switched down to radial rigs were struggling. Also, there is a 20 minute rule at these events that states, "if you do not finish within 20 minutes of the first place finisher you will be scored DNF." I saw some folks out there that probably did not make the time limit. That makes life hard on the RC and other competitors not to mention the poor sole that gets beat all around the course for a DNF.

I put a focus on heavy air practice before this event. If you see my threads they all focus on heavy air boat handling. I got humiliated at a big air NA event in 2006 and vowed never to let that happen again, (at least at a race).

To me it is actually more fun to watch or be on the RC than to get beat to a pulp and finish DFL.