The real story of buying sails unseen

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To whom it may concern regarding the person slandering me on here. If the moderator of this site chooses to take this down, that is fine.

I bought a main, genoa, and blade from A MEMBER on here. The listing said the sails were ready to be used and it good shape. Said they had been rolled and stored in a dry place. The big takeaway was that they were ready to be used and I needed a decent set of sails for beer can racing. After several emails back and forth and questions from me we came to an agreement of $600, which was $124 roughly for shipping. That put me at $200 per sail delivered.

Upon receipt of the sails that were in good shape and ready to be used immediately, there was almost one.

The blade: This sail has all the batten pockets ripped out of it with the battens loose in the sail bag. The "hanks" on the sail, which stated were in operable condition, were actually straps that were corroded, some torn, and not functional. I have a quote to fix the batten pockets and the "hanks" from my local Doyle loft for $180.

The Genoa: All the hanks were frozen and it took about 30-45 minutes to break them loose using heat and copious amounts of WD-40 and PB Blaster. There are some that will just not come loose and will have to be replaced. Otherwise the sail is not in terrible condition.

The main: It is roughly 7" short on the hoist. The sail does not have a slug in it but rather a loop at the bottom for the old school hooks that were on the booms originally. I also can go block to block on my main sheet so needless to say the leech is completely blown out.

Now for the fun part. I contacted the person to discuss with him the options, and I will admit, I was a bit snarky as I was upset, and I apologized in my next email. He agreed to take the sails back since they were in such disrepair, but only if I would pay return shipping. Now, this means I am paying $124 to ship down, $124 to ship back, so totaling roughly $248 for me to look at these sails that were not anywhere near what they were described as. So I am out almost half of what I paid for the sails, the member gets them back and resells them to someone else, and I get hosed.

This to me is unacceptable. I have contacted my credit card company, PayPal, and have declined to pay for the purchase as this is robbery in my personal opinion. I know people's opinions can vary on sails and their condition, but ready to sail does not mean 2 of the 3 sails need to go to a sail loft for repairs.

Depending on the outcome of my feud with my credit card company I will do one of three things with these sails.
1. My wife would like them to turn into a handbag so they would go to SeaBags.
2. I will use them as a drop cloth since I am painting the decks on my house and will be repainting the deck of my boat in the fall.
3. And this is the option that I will most likely go with as we do not need anymore handbags at my house and I have other items for drop cloths. Depending on the situation with the seller at that point in time, I will sell the sails for best offer pricing and return what he had to pay in shipping to get the sails to me so that way we both are not at a loss. Now, if this seller continues to slander my name across this website and to others, I will use them as a drop cloth.

Just take this as a warning to buying or selling anything on this site. This is not the first issue I have had with people on here, but it will be the last, as I will not do business on here any longer.
This site has been a great resource for me to learn and exchange information with other j24 sailors. This isn't Amazon or eBay, it's a forum where each is to its own. It's too bad if you got a bad deal, but don't bash the site. I for one need the help I get from all the good people who donate their time and experience on it.
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Sir, you are mistaken if you feel I am bashing the site. I am clearing my name of someone who is bashing me on here. I have done two deals through the equipment section and both have been terrible experiences.

I have owned 4 J24's and raced them for over ten years and am happy to give advice. People who own boats in my fleet ask me for help and for parts as I have a surplus of parts and pieces or can source them. I have tried twice, unsuccessfully, to buy or sell on here, and will not do it again.

I think this site is great for getting tips and trips, if you are in that section of the site, but we are in the equipment for sale section. Once again, trying not to be condescending, snarky, or an all around jerk, but I am just stating what has happened, to beware, and buy or sell carefully.

I always try to do the right thing and do right by people. "Let your light shine bright so others can see your good deeds and Glorify your Father in Heaven." That is my motto in my life. Unfortunately there are a lot of people, and apparently I have found at least two, who light to try to stifle your light.
Writes the weasel that canceled payment AND kept the sails. He has all my sails, all his money and somehow he thinks he's been wronged - amazing!

Words to the wise:1.) stay clear of this crook and 2.) be VERY careful of accepting payment via Paypal from someone without an account. All they need to do is cancel payment with their credit card company after they receive your merchandise and you are out of luck. Look it up - very scary!