The Phantom sailboat is back!

Hello - My daughter has a old Phantom 14 and is looking for a "Pulley System" to add to it so its easier for her to sail (she sails Opti's, Sunfish and Lasers that all have the "Pulley" system) - she is asking Santa for xmas and Santa doesnt know where to get them or what to even get.... Any elves able to help?

Location South Jersey or on the line please.

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It is hard to tell what she wants, but based on the fact that the only block (the nautical term for pulley) that Optis, Lasers and Sunfish have in common is a mainsheet block for the deck, my guess is she wants this Not being familiar with the subtleties of the Phantom, I am not sure how you'd mount in on a Phantom, but it is certainly possible and someone on this board will probably know. BB


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I had one of those blocks on my Phantom.. They are easy to install (if that's what she's looking for). There is a solid piece of fiberglass at the front of the cockpit you can use to attach the block.
Is J-Pointe still in business? I notice the posts here are older that refer to them, and I have not been successful in reaching them. If they are not, are there any suggestions out there as to where I can get a rudder/tiller for my 14' Howmar Phantom?


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It's going to be tough to find Phantom parts. Even J-point used a different rudder set up from the original Phantom.
I sold my Phantom and I don't have many parts left. I do have a rudder (homemade but it works), a rudder cheek and a tiller. I don't have the tiller extension (I'm using it on another boat).