The Phantom sailboat is back!

Hello - My daughter has a old Phantom 14 and is looking for a "Pulley System" to add to it so its easier for her to sail (she sails Opti's, Sunfish and Lasers that all have the "Pulley" system) - she is asking Santa for xmas and Santa doesnt know where to get them or what to even get.... Any elves able to help?

Location South Jersey or on the line please.

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It is hard to tell what she wants, but based on the fact that the only block (the nautical term for pulley) that Optis, Lasers and Sunfish have in common is a mainsheet block for the deck, my guess is she wants this Not being familiar with the subtleties of the Phantom, I am not sure how you'd mount in on a Phantom, but it is certainly possible and someone on this board will probably know. BB


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I had one of those blocks on my Phantom.. They are easy to install (if that's what she's looking for). There is a solid piece of fiberglass at the front of the cockpit you can use to attach the block.
Is J-Pointe still in business? I notice the posts here are older that refer to them, and I have not been successful in reaching them. If they are not, are there any suggestions out there as to where I can get a rudder/tiller for my 14' Howmar Phantom?


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It's going to be tough to find Phantom parts. Even J-point used a different rudder set up from the original Phantom.
I sold my Phantom and I don't have many parts left. I do have a rudder (homemade but it works), a rudder cheek and a tiller. I don't have the tiller extension (I'm using it on another boat).
I had a great little Howmar Phantom until this weekend when an 8" tree branch dropped right on the corner of the cockpit and crushed the hull. Now, I have a full set of parts for a 1977 Phantom (Id# HBY00026M77J). Is there a clearing house for Phantom parts? Knowing that parts are hard to find, I'd like them to go to someone who can use them.
Thanks. @signal charlie If you can connect me with the group, I'll put the boat, trailer and everything out for the taking. If someone would like to try their hand at a restoration, I'd like to give them first rights. The top separated and they'd have to try some fiberglass repair. If there aren't any takers, then I'll part it out and haul the hull to the dump. Other than that damage, she's pretty clean. Corners still look new and she had a fresh gel coat about 15 years ago.

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It's fiberglass, and a decent sailboat, so all those defects can be fixed. I'd put it on Craigslist, with the hope you'll see it "out there" again.
I agree with L&VW. From the pics you posted this is not terminal damage. Over the years we've repaired whitewater 'glass canoes & kayaks broken in half, lengthened a 'glass guideboat by inserting a 2' section, done tons of fiberglass puncture & tear repairs, etc etc. If it's made of fiberglass it can be stuck back together without much drama. You may not want this project, but it's easy to pass it on with an ad for cheap or free on craigslist, and keep the boat out of the landfill. If your trailer is roadworthy it's worth at least a couple hundred bucks....
Just picked up a Phantom 14 in great condition. Haven't sailed in 30 years but having some fun with her on Lake Huron and it's slowly all coming back. So great to find out that the Phantom is so loved- Any tips on the right trailer? Thank you in advance from a newcomer!

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Congrats on your new boat! Buy a new trailer, skip the junk. Check your local sporting goods store for a 14 foot jon boat trailer or local trailer dealers.
Hi all, I am having a hard time finding a rudder for my Phantom sailboat. Unfortunately mine is now sitting at the bottom of a Lake in NYS. :(
I bought one years ago thru J-Point Marine, but looks like they are no longer making boats. Any help will be much appreciated. I have been searching all over the internet and have not been able to find anything.

I would be willing to have one made or perhaps there is another a rudder from another type of boat that will fit (without a lot of retro fitting...I am not very handy)?