The next step?

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After 5 years of enjoying my 2002 sunfish it seems that my spouse has also taken an interest in sailing :)

Try as we might, it's not really a great boat for two.

I was wondering what people here would recommend for a bigger (but not too much bigger) alternative. The Vanguard 15 looks nice on the website. Snipe has been mentioned to me but it's kind of expensive and I'm not really the used boat kindof person ;)

$6500 vs. $10k sounds alot better. Not really interested in racing either, except for the family regatta. For that I would still use my Sunfish.

Thanks for any input.
if you're looking to get another boat, look into a more sophisticated sailboat
if you're looking for room, consider getting Hunter 216, which older models are usually priced around $4000 or more, depending on year

if you're mor keen with the feel of your sunfish, look at JY or Lasers, which come in longer models

or even so, look into a powerboat, like a zodiac to get around.
It might be a good idea to look at what types of boats are being sailed in your local area. Talk to the people sailing bigger boats and get their feedback as well as imput. It is almost always better to buy a boat that has a local following that way if you decide to sell it you might have an easier time getting rid of it.