The new outhaul/vang thingy

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im a laser nub and iv heard stuff about people having a new outhaul/vang thing what is the point of it and should i get one?

sorrey for the nub question
Thats is very okay. The new vang is a more powerful 15:1 (5:1 inside a 3:1 cascade) vang. That is all it is...just a more powerful vang system made by either Harken or Holt after the new rule changes in October of 2000. The new outhaul/cunningham is a coombined package yet sold seperately from the vang again with more purchase and more power. Both the cunningham and the outhaul would then be cleated at the base of the mast for easier acces.

I would get them...they make all the difference in the word...enough said. Yet they are expensive, so unless you really want to improve as a racer they are not neccesary.
I love my new setup and I don't race, I would say it is very useful if you are light so you can use the extra leverage to depower the boat on 15+ knot days. I bought at the end of the season at 40% off.
I think the vang is nessisary for anyone underweight like myself at only 162 lbs . the cunningham/outhaul is nice to have as it makes depowering or releasing the controls at the weather mark much easier in a breeze.