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Hi, guys,

This Laser Forum started on September 1, 2002 on very shaky grounds. At the time, our "owner" Brad was also volunteering as the webmaster of the ILCA NA website, and he will be the first one to tell you that he did some pretty bizarre, unacceptable things until May 2003. But it's all history now.

Brad came to terms with the backlash, and showed more maturity and courage than even the grown-ups who were (at the time) leading the North American Laser Class. He worked hard during the latter half of 2003 to turn this resource around, not to be offensive to anyone, not to push any extremist agenda. He catered to Laserites world-wide by simply offering them an opportunity to freely share their opinions and knowledge. And then he published his TOS, the "Terms of Service' of this Forum.

An enviable "Terms of Service" by all standards, and one demonstrably cherished by Brad over the past several months that I've been watching.

The Forum has been a joy for months now. Thanks, Brad!

I am pleased to announce here today that "The Laser Forum" of young Bradley Green is now linked from all front pages of the "drLaser" website (main menus) and from the drLaser FAQ in recognition of its contribution to Laser sailing as an on-line resource. It's not an opportunity made available to ANY other private or public Lasering resource.

If you are reading this as a "Guest", come and register to join the Laser Forum! Your inputs and questions are needed here to broaden our horizons.

Best regards,

Dr. Shevy Gunter
Editor, drLaser
Member, ILCA North America (District 10)