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The Hunt for a Vang!


My local LP dealer doesnt have any, APS doesnt have any and ive exhausted all possibilities but I cant hunt down a Holt Allen Vang. I need the extra $100 for other parts. Ive read the stories of how LP is "questionably" still alive. Does anybody know of someone with a second vang or a local dealer that does have one? Im in desperate need of one and and I cant compete in a race with the old set up if it means having to head up before mark rounding just to let it off. I know this isnt the correct place to post this but this is more looked at than the wanted section. A dealer with a stash, a new Holt or a used Harken, anything is better than what I have now.


I saw some of the recent postings on this subject over at Sailing Anarchy indicated that people were starting to have some luck with getting parts directly from Laser Performance recently. It sounded like they finally started getting some stock again. It couldn't hurt to check...


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We had a bunch of used holt vangs around last week. I know we sold a bunch, but I think there were two or three left before the holiday.

We have a new ones in stock as well of course.