The Hague tall-ship event and Lasers...


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About a year ago the Dutch Youth Crew got an invite from Roelof Bouwmeester (Marit B.’s coach) to train with his sister.

And so it began... training plan turned into a not-so-official racing plan and: more big names Radial ladies joined: USA, CAN, FIN, TUR etc. 40 dinghies in total.

This weekend also, The Hague Harbour & Beach hosts the first tall-ship event. Very scenic pics when the youngsters + world class sailors set off!


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So... we had this non-official, 2-days-&-8-races regatta in The Hague.

15 of the top-20 Women's Radial sailors (Aarhus) + young Dutch talents gathered for informal racing. No, NoR, SI, no jury. Only a coach + sailors meeting in the morning on the slipway. Why? Because they want to test themselves and the competition and... to prepare for the World Championship Sailing in 2022! That's to be on the same spot as this non-official race.

40 sailors tried to beat each other. For most women sailors an eye-opener that the current on the courses is a major factor to deal with in 2022. For the youngsters and eye-opener as well: "They're not faster than me, they don't make mistakes!"
The dedication of coming all the way from -let's say- the US, CAN and AUS to race on a sunny June weekend because there's an event in three years time, is amazing. The only spectators were we, parents of the minors who aren't allowed to drive a car on their own or not even have a driver's license. It felt like sitting 'ringside'. In 2022 we won't get the chance to get so close, to watch the same top 20 racing.

In essence, for the youngsters, this was the best possible learning curve. Added to that the wonderful scenery of those tall-ships, it's only fair to say that this was a truly exceptional weekend.
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