The fun begins with styrofoam blocks

Sailor Roberts

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I cut a couple portholes in the deck and found out that all the styrofoam blocks were loose. I could press slightly on the deck and watch the blocks move in their foam anchors. I took this as a sign that the bonds had broke between the hull and the styrofoam, and the boat would be less stiff. I plan to reattach all of them.

I've spent my spare time in the last couple days becoming an expert in poly-foam removal. My favorate tool is the sharpened putty knife. Then the thin wood chisel. My least favorate are wood rasps which I first thought would be the best choice. I haven't tried any type of saw because I think it might damage the styrofoam too much.

Where is the best place to put a porthole in the aft of an old style boat? I can feel (the hull gives more in that area) and hear (the area makes soft crackling noises when I press down on the hull) that a foam block is loose back there too.

The most common place for the rear port is just in front of the rudder mount, usually for upgrading the rudder. My 5" port has the rear edge of the flange, 2" from the cutout for the old rudder mount. In this position, I am able to reach the rdder mount, both side blocks and the center block. If you still have the old bronze fittings, you may have to move it further forward, but run the chance of hitting the rear center foam block. Check older posts for more info. Yahoo Sunfish Sailor group has a diagram showing the approximate locations of the blocks, under files, drying out the hull. Mike Killpatrick ( shows how to put a port in. Good Luck.
I still have the old bronze fittings. I can't see paying $300.00+ for the new rudder assembly. I might as well look for a whole new boat! :eek:

Just me ranting about some of the costs associated with Sunfish parts!