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The eyestraps in the rear that hold the traveler are not secure...


In the rear of the sunfish there are two eyestraps one per side that secure the plastic covered wire that acts as a traveler to the boom. In any case, in each eyestrap one of the two screws is not entirely secure. For example, I can keep tightening the screw but it keeps screwing and never tightens, the other screw fortunately is tightly screwed in. It is almost like the screw has lost fiberglass or wood to anchor it's threads into. I mean it's secure enough to where I cannot pull out the eyestrap with that one unsecure screw in so it does have some grip probably just with the outer layer fiberglass.

Should I move the eyestrap farther towards the beam where there may be more fiberglass/wood to anchor the screw into? Should I perhaps take out the unsecure screw and pour in a little bondo/wood filler? What would you guys normally do in this case? Thank you.



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There is a wood block underneath so don't remove both screws at the same time. I would loosen one of the tight screws and rotate the bracket. Feel around inside the hole that is loose to see if the block is there. If it is, just fill with epoxy and redrill. Repeat on the other side.