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The Laser Forum provides this classified ads section for our registered noncommercial members. The goal is to help laser sailors communicate with each other to find the equipment they need.

Q. What should I include in my ad?
A. You should include information about your boat, year, serial number, price, any special information, and a picture if you have one. Also, and most importantly, please state your location in you title and message body. Here is an example of a good subject line for a for sale ad: "2001 Laser Radial and Dolly - Savannah, GA".

Q. Are there any scams I should look out for while buying or selling a boat on the forum?
A. Of course there are scams, however the administration team here at the forum is always working quickly to remove them. Becareful who you send private information to and read this interesting article about some scams to look out for:

Q. I sent a request to have my ad removed, but it is still there, what should I do?
A. Removing an ad is done manually and is usually done within 24 hours. However it can take up to a few days for your ad to be removed. If it has been more than a few days please resend your request.

Q. How do I edit my ad?
A. Click the small edit button on your original message while logged in.

Q. How many ads am I allowed to post and what does it cost?
A. You may post as many ads as you like as long as they are noncommercial in nature. There is no cost, however you are required to register.

Q. How do I post a commercial advertisement?
A. Commercial advertisements have a one time fee of $25 per ad. The ad will display just as any noncommercial ad would display. For an additional $25/month your ad will be stuck to the top of the for sale or wanted section.
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