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I am working on my first sailboat purchase.. Stuck on to boats. I am hearing great reviews on the Hunter Cherubinis and I can get one for a good deal from a reliable owner. The only issues I am hearing is plastic portlights and waste tank issues. I am also interested in an Endeavour, but I am seeing problems with iron mast step. Any thoughts on my query? Am I over reacting to either or both? I want to buy early 80s to mid 90s. 35-43 ft. I would like to hear opinions from all please. I am very openminded. Have a fair amount of experience on a 1978 35' Gauteron sloop rig. What are your thoughts on cutter versus sloop rig. I have briefly looked at ketch rigs also. Have decided that since my family doesn't have any experience I should stick with sloop or cutter. Thanks for any info in advance.
I would not rush into the purchase of any boat, particularly your first one. You need to decide what the primary usage will be (racing,cruising, a bit of both). Your experience level and that of your crew, can you and/or your crew physically manage the boat?, does it have all the amenities you would like, including electronics?, is the hardware well laid out and in good condition? the bigger the boat the more expensive it becomes to repair/replace hardware. There are countless things to consider. You would be smart to do a year or two of research, get to know prices, which boats have good resale value, insurance rates, moorage rates. Visit yacht brokerages and board a variety of boats, get to know various interior layouts, and deck layouts. Avoid buying a boat that is well below market value as it will be priced cheap for a good reason, before buying hire a reputable marine surveyor to go over the boat, this will be money well spent. Believe it or not the research and shopping is a very enjoyable part of the process. Good luck
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My search is about 8 months strong. I have looked at countless boats and will continue to do so. The problem is is fair market value real?? Most every boat I have looked at is priced well above what NADA or any other site is saying is fair. The 37 I am considering is the closest to FMV I have seen. With the experience I have, I would be able to single hand anything up to or around 37. Where should I be looking for FMV on boats? Is NADA a good source?

Thanks for your input