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Well, I'm thinking about taking a vacation there and I've been finding next to nothing about small sailboat rentals. One site with larger boats has just responed saying their smallest boat is a 21 footer which sounds ok to me. I'm sure the resorts must have Sunfish type craft, as well as multi-hulls, but I'm finding nothing about this. Perhaps you could provide some sites that may be of interest to a 1st time traveller who wishes to do some sailing there. Thanks for any info. you can provide.

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The bigger resorts have rental boats. What part of the country are you planning on going to? The reason the rental companies are few and far between is the cost of importing boats 210%. OK dingies and lasers are raced in Pattaya out of the Royal Varuana YC. I think they have guest memberships. Its a wild place call up and the boat boys will hand carry your rigged laser, OK, fireball , or beach cat to the water. Get in and sail come back and walk away from the boat until next weekend. To guys that are used to moving their own boats around its quite the site. The marinias on the west side of the gulf where I worked are all bankrupt. ( not my doing). But if you look up beach rentals in Hua Hin or Pranburi you should find something.
Let me know where your off to and I'll steer you in the write direction. ( If need be I'll have my write down what you want in Thai)
The sailing is awsome as is the weather. Take alot of sunscreen and drink a few singha for me.
One more thing the King is huge on sailing. ( built his on OK and started a yearly race across the gulf 62 miles in small boats. He won the first couple.) Never say anything bad about him even in jest. The Thais love him.


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I have read (Sailing Anarchy forums) good things about Skiff Asia, which specializes in the type of dinghies that we all love (not Sunfish though):
This place is on Phuket. But it looks from their web site that there is some trouble in paradise; they are selling some of the boats.
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Nice lookig site! Can't figure out wher to "click" to send the message one types to them. Yes, trouble in Paradise!

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