Texas Capri 14.2 sailors

Hi Dave...

It sounds like you had a good time - and it was good fun while we were out there together...

Definitely the extra weight worked to my advantage - I figure we had about 500# total on board - and yes, we have the centerboard model just like yours. Had it been only my son and myself, I am certain we would have been heeled just as you were. And, I didn't even think about unfurling our jib (!) - the wind was pretty nasty... enough to flip and turtle 2 Flying Scots at the club...

All our boats should be about the same speed... I think what may vary are the sails - your mainsail looked like it had quite a bit of twist when we were on a reach together... I noticed you did lengthen the traveller - did you put knots on either side of the traveller block?

Maybe some weekend we can compare notes - or go sailing under equal conditions - I'll leave my dear wife and girls (my ever-valuable ballast yesterday) at home...

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The traveler was set up that way when I bought it. It has the recommended knots on both sides of the block, but I think it is set up higher than recommended. I will have to measure that to be sure.

My boom vang is missing a sheave, so it's only a 2:1 purchase, and to make matters worse, it kept un-cleating. (I plan to replace it soon.) That was the main reason for the twist, I think, but in addition, I couldn't pull in the out-haul when we were on reach. I had let it out to get a nice curve in the sail earlier in the day, but when the strong winds hit, I couldn't pull it back in. I don't know if you noticed, but the Sobstad main sail has a large "pocket" at the foot of the sail, which fills on reach, especially when the out-haul isn't pulled tight. With the main full in those winds, the rig was over-powered. I let the main out to try to de-power it and protect us from an accidental gybe. I then realized I couldn't pull it back in. The wind was too strong, so the main pressed up against the shrouds. That's why I did the chicken gybe when I headed back to Comal Park. I couldn't pull in the main to keep it from slamming over during a real gybe. With the winds that high, I was afraid that it would damage the boat or hurt my son and me in the process.

I'd like to try again under better conditions. Perhaps we can get everyone together for an impromptu fleet day. Of course, that might involve some beer at the end of the day, if the park rules allow it.



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Anyone sailing this weekend?

Weather permitting, I'm planning to go to Canyon Lake Sunday or Monday. Anyone else headed out?

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I was planning to go Sunday. It looks as if it might be a good day for sailing from 10:00am until 7:00pm. This past week or so has been hectic, so I haven't had a chance to repair the chips in my boat until today. However, if the Marine Tex is done curing tonight, I should be able to make it. Besides, if I have time after sailing, I might go diving for my whisker pole.
Hi Dave and JG - we'll be out there tomorrow (Sunday) after about noon, and again on Monday, weather permitting. Chances are we'll stay in front of the Yacht Club, as we've got some guests with kids, so it'll be a kiddie-ride day... Hope to see you there... Peter
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Sorry, but I couldn't make it out guys. After I fixed the chips in the bow from my last outing, I got ambitious and started fixing some cracks up on the mid-deck near the teak. When I drilled out the cracks to stop them from running more, I found out that some of the wood underneath the fiberglass was rotten and wet. It is going to be a fairly major effort to repair because from the looks of the wood, this has been a problem for some time. However, I've done similar work before. With the right materials, I should have it ready to go in a week or so.

Sorry I didn't see you out there - I went on Sunday for a little while, but the clevis pin on one of my stays came out while sailing - luckily it was on the lee side, otherwise my mast would have come crashing down in the water... I managed to get back to the club, but it [the mast] came down anyway, right when I was about to attach the replacement pin... little epoxy yesterday, new screws and we're ready to go again... Will be in touch later, see about next weekend... Have a good week.
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Time to come out of hybernation

Hi guys,

It's warming up and it's about time to get back onto the water. The Texas Centerboard Circuit has already started holding events, and the offical races start April 23rd.

For those not familiar with The Texas Centerboard Circuit, here is a little info:
The Texas Centerboard Circuit is designed to give all Portsmouth Centerboard Dinghy Classes that don't have active fleets (the rest of us stepchildren) a chance to participate in a series of races throughout Texas. This season we raced 7 regattas, scored 5 (two outs), and averaged around 7 boats per regatta. It was a great year for sailing and, as usual, an entertaining time hanging out with a bunch of fun & friendly people.

If you have a centerboard boat, and you want to race, the TCC is a great circuit. You get to go to different lakes and experience the hospitality of several yacht clubs across Texas. The winner this year wasn't decided until the last regatta!
Since we don't have a fleet for the Capri 14.2 in Texas, I'm using The Texas Centerboard Circuit as a surrogate until we have an active fleet of our own. (hint, hint)

Anyway, I've been working on my boat on and off over the winter to restore it to nearly new condition, I'm ready to go sailing. I hope to see some other Capris on the water again this year.