Test driving the Catalina 14.2, rigging and finding parts

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I was thinking about everything I've been through over the last few years learning about and sailing my mod 2 14.2 and thought it would be a good idea to start a links thread that would allow people to find information about our boat. Granted this may have been done in the past but I haven't seen anything recently, meaning the last few years I have been a member. I wanted to (re) start the thread and maybe people can add to it as we go, or start a new one completely dedicated to links about the boat and how to improve it?? Just a suggestion, doesn't have to go anywhere, might be helpful? Who knows??

A few years ago I purchased a Catalina 14.2 and hadn't sailed in years. While this might not be for everyone I decided to fly out to California for the weekend and attend the 2 day sailing class which focused exclusively on the Catalina 14.2, the intro to sailing boat of choice at the UCLA marine aquatic center in Marina Del Rey just outside of Los Angeles.

They went over the theory of sailing, how to tack, jibe, rig the boat, get off the dock and more importantly what to do if you capsize. Something I had never really thought of until after I turned 50 and put on a few pounds. The course was worth it as a refresher or for someone interested in buying the boat and wanting to learn how to sail. The link to their website is below. They are also a great follow up resource if you have any questions about the boat. It was a fun weekend overall and it gets gusty in the bay in the afternoons so you will get to test your skills pretty quickly.


The added bonus is they also publish a great reference manual for the Catalina 14.2 and sailing situations you will face, very useful -


To rig the boat I wanted to pass on a Youtube video that most of you may have already seen but I found very useful when I first got the boat -

People also ask questions about finding replacement parts for their boats -

Catalina Direct: (click on small boats and most of what you need will be listed. Not always the cheapest but they usually have the items in stock). Some of you might suggest other vendors, retailers? West Marine has brick and mortar stores around the USA, might be one near you. Can't say their selection is the best but they might have what you want in a pinch.

For setting up/tuning the rigging on your boat - North Sails/One Design - has a downloadable PDF that can help. At least it did for me -

http://www.onedesign.com/Portals/106/docs/Tuning Guides/north-capri14-tuningguide.pdf

Wholeheartedly recommend a boomkicker if you don't have one. Keeps your boom off the deck and it's easy to install (other companies sell variations and might be cheaper). This link will take you to the kicker you will need for the 14.2 -


I put a mast float Baby Bob at the top of my mast and recommend it to stop your boat from turtling (Amazon and Ebay also sell them as does West Coast Sailing below -

Mast Float - "Baby Bob" for Hobie Wave/14/16 - 30115

I need a ladder to get back into the boat and found mine on Ebay. Thought it was inexpensive and well worth it -

3 Step Stainless Steel Marine Boat Telescoping Ladder Upper Platform | eBay

Maybe someone could add something about finding sailing? Recommending lines for rigging and where to get them and the recommended length of the lines. (I didn't particularly care for the Catalina rigging lines sold on their site.) Recommendations for cleaning and storing sails? Benefit of a Harkin furling system, where to to buy etc... Jib downhaul setup...?? Just throwing out some ideas??

Again I know this information can be found on the web or somewhere in the endless threads posted over the years. People have frequently said, look up such and such thread and it gets tedious at times trying to find information in general.

I don't endorse any of these products and I don't get any kickbacks. I'm just passing along information that might help those starting out. So if there are any haters out there please keep it to yourself.

If you are having any trouble with the links let me know and I will correct them.

Finally, thank you to everyone that has helped me over the years, greatly appreciated! Safe and happy sailing!
Great post. Bought my mod 1 a month ago and still haven't gotten it wet. Made brackets for the baby bob but haven't installed it. This site made me paranoid about turlting it. I am new to sailing so taking it slow.