Teenagers, sailing and the 4.7 opportunity


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Years ago, regattas like CORK and Midwinters were a blast because there were so many girls on Radials and Laser twos that when all the old guys went off to their comfy hotels and motels, the party at the campground was pretty much 50 /50 boy / girl.

As the laser two has gone away and the Radial has become more of a competition for folks who weigh the right amount to win, 100 to 130 pound girls and boys have been left without a game.

if there is no game for girls who weigh what most teenaged girls weigh...many boys have left with them to find something else to do.

The 4.7 fleet at the easter laser regatta was that fleet where the smaller sized teen girls and boys had a real game and on shore there was real fun to be had with other kids their own age.

We can use this 4.7 thing to build a teen social scene....whgich will cause kids to come race with their friends and much as hang out with those with whom they race.

We can also do another thing we do at easter...The adults and kids share the water, the clubhouse, tehe restaurant, the rigging area, etc.... sailing is NOT a game for juniors to play alone. it is NOT a game for old farts to play alone.

it is NOT a game for young adults to play without either of those other groups.

The GREATEST thing about sailing is that 60 year old Masters champion Doug can knock heads with 16 year old 4.7 champion brad and each one has a fantastic time and either can always beat the other.

let's quit dividing and conquering ourselves.

let's get everybody on laser hulls ( sometimes..I know there are times and places for other classes) ) and let folks use the right rigs so everybody has a game to play!!!