tech savvy laser sailors?

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Ok... so I bought a new toy with my tax return... its a nice little video camera that I'm thinking of mounting an adhesive mounting bracket to my bow eye.

So here's my questions... #1 is there anywhere else anyone would recommend mounting the camera?

#2.... any suggestions on video editing software? I'd like to post a few clips online but I lack the editing software to accomplish that.

any imput is greatly appriciated!!!!!
If it's possible it would be cool to move the camera around. Maybe put it on your mast a little below the gooseneck. Also, in The Boat Whisperer DVD there are some shots from the top of the mast. These can be good for looking at your steering and body placement and movement. One problem with putting the camera on the bow eye is that you will probably have the mast going straight through the middle of the shot. That angle would be good for looking at hiking style and strap tension though.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions for editing it.
id say on the top of the mast or on something at the bow maybe a metal frame that looks at your sailing and the cockpit or at the stern like sailing wisperer viedos
I recently purchased a camera and am working on a stern mount system--just haven't had the time to experiment with some ideas just yet. I had some success with the bow mount but could not see some of the details I was hoping to. Roxio is a good editing software and supports a lot of digital video and audio formats.
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I bought the surf hero from and i've been really happy so far. I've played with it a bit... mostly just screwing around while driving, working etc. The quality is pretty damn good and the size is downright amazing. The thing is about half as tall as a deck of cards and twice as thick. I'm excitied to get it on the water.

As far as editing is concerned.... I think i'm going to try the Windows Vista movie editor and see how it works out for me.

My main thought as far as mounting is to put it on the deck just aft of the mast. the entire contraption is small enough that it should stay clear of the vang. I just want some cool videos from different points of the boat. They do sell a helmet that i'm probably going to nab, but for now im going to use it primarily as a tool to help me critique my motions in the boat on different points of sail.
That wide angle should get most of the boat in the field of view, yes?

I'm thinking of getting one of the GoPro's as well so real interested to see the fruits of your labour Krycek. Perhaps some photos of your mounting efforts as well would be great to share.....
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The way I'm going to mount it is with one of those 3M adhesive pads that the camera came with. That way if I dont like it there all it takes is a little bit of adhesive remover to get rid of it. Also... it'll be a little closer to me if things are to go wrong and a recovery mission is required.

I'll post pics as soon as it is done and probably put a video on youtube... I'll post the link here as well!!!!! and no.... i'm not buying a mac
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OK, so i was out playing with the camera today and Im pretty pleased with it. The thing is there is no really good place to mount the camera. I intially wanted to put it just aft of the mast, but all I saw was the cleats for the lines. SOOOOO.... i mounted it just aft of the deck hardware and it sat there pretty nicely. I got some pictures posted below.

Also, I played around a bit with the videos and I got a quick video of the pre-start of our first race today. I'll have better videos posted soon... once I have time to actually play with and learn my software. Here's the link....
Great work! Keep the videos coming. Should be a great training tool for you as well as showing family and friends where all your spare time goes :D
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Yea... I'm pleased with it. I'm trying to post the mounting pictures... but im having trouble getting them into the posts. Oh well... I'll keep trying. I'd definately recommend the thing to people that want a little camera to take pictures of themselves in the boat!!!

Too bad I filled my memory card early on... later in the day the breeze filled in to well over 20 knts!!!!
I gotta get me one of THESE…so cool. Perhaps you could invent some sort of camera stand/bracket for the transom like Steve Cockeril. Buy two cheap fishing rods and somehow fix them together and bend them into shape....perhaps using a gas burner?

Pictures are great huh? Looks good!
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yea... a stern mount thing would be AMAZING... perhaps I'll figure something out. The biggest problem woul be how to mount it and not scratch the deck or anything....

Maybe next week that'll be my project....

The cool thing is the camera comes with multiple different types of mounts so mounting on a vertical face won't be a problem.
I'd like to see a video with the camera "on its back", pointing up, so we can see the sail shape as you sail. Especially if you added comments later saying what the breeze was like etc. Mayeb if you added the sail draft stripes as in the other thread it would be even more informative.
Is there a way to hook it up to the aft end of the boom, then you can get angle on cockpit, or sail, at a more natural angle. You might get it submerged under water, I don't know how waterproof it might be, but its just an Idea that would look cool.