Take a New Person Sailing Week

sailor327 said:
Yeah, but most of my freinds would prefer to do other stuff and absolutley no one sees it as a sport. They see it more as a rich old white mans sport which i have to say that i know very few laser sailors that are rich. And they dont understand that even with light winds with a group of people it can still be fun. The saddest thing is their lack of understanding.:( And unfortunatley our sailing center is closed for this week due to the director taking a break from a long summer of camp.
Unfortunantely, it is the same for me down here in Australia. Most of my mates reckon its a 'queer' game for rich people but i think this is not true. I prefer to refer to sailing as an expensive sport after all, if you're rich and you get into sailing, you spend your money on a hull, sail and rig and by the end of all that purchasing (depending on what class your in) you mightnt be so rich anymore.