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Hi all,
I'm Tacticat admin. Tacticat is an Internet Application for racing boats around the buoys.
It is tactical sailing, and sailors from all around the world (many sailing cats and dinghys) meet to sail. Boats are currently cats, cause web is sponsorized by cat sailing associations but tactics are those of small boats rounding marks :) .

Regattas are open 24x7. Only requirements: a computer with internet connection and java support installed (go to http://www.java.com if you need it).

Come to sail with us. Go to http://www.tacticat.com and, please, read first the read-me-first section.

We welcome you.
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Merrily said:
This doesn't belong in the Laser sailing section
True. And I apologize. First time here. Sorry.

Merrily said:
is this a free service?
Yes, it is. It is created, administrated and owned by sailors. It is a non-profit organization, supported by official sailing associations.

Most active sailors are cat-sailors, and that explains the choice of the racing boat.
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Two things.

First, for Laser sailors. We've had in plan since the very begining to deliver a mono-hull version of tacticat. Reasons, to get more general sailors in (maybe don't like to sail a fast cat) and, more important, to have a boat that tacks efficiently and where sailor can fully play the wind shift game.

A Laser could do it. What we need is to have an idea of the Laser polars and the typical tack and gybe times. Of course for the 'perfect' water' conditions and 'standard' wind (say, 10 or 15 knots). Data has not to be complete or very accurate. Someone willing to help there?

Second one,
Some of you have entered the site and tried to sail.
!!Please read the instructions first!!!

We welcome new sailors buT it is sad to see boats that are lost in the racing field :( .

If you experience problems connecting...
1. Check you have Java support in your computer. Go to www.java.com and install it.
2. Check you are not behind a very restrict firewall. Tacticat needs a couple of TCP ports open from your machine to the Tacticat server. It is not a security issue but in some corporate environments that comms are blocked.

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Last weeks we've seen a bunch of Laser sailors racing with us. They share with other monohull sailors the problems when handling a fast cat:
- It is really fast (for standard wind of 15 knots, cat speed is 10-20 knots)
- It tacks like a bus, slow and loosing a lot of speed

On Oct 18 a new version is released and, among other features, we have shortened the tack and gybe. Monohull sailors (Lasers, but also stars, 420s, 49ers and lead mines) feel now more at ease.

You are all welcome. During October and November National and Continental championships are scheduled (AUS, NZL, USA, CAN, ESP, ...), it takes half an hour of training to be ready to fight....

Tacticat Admin