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Swing Keel Sunfish - LOL - ebay


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1980 Sunfish?
Length:15.0 feet??

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Vehicle Description [/FONT]
For sale: 15 foot sailboat, it used to be the fastest on Acton Lake. There is a small hole in the hull (as seen in pics), but we have been told it can be fixed easily. The mast and sails are new (worth at least $200 alone.) The trailer and a box of life jackets are included!

I guess the moral of the story is buyer beware. What is everyone's opinion of the "easy fix"? I am not experienced in enough in fg repair to say.


That is a fireball. Yup very fast. One of the first boats to come with a spinaker launch tube. I wod buy it if it was close to me.


That Fireball may not be worth the gas money to tow it home. It's looking pretty rough, I've seen older Fireball's around that that were in sail away condition for $600-$700.


I just went to the e-bay listing for the Fireball, I see a notation that it's glass over wood. DON'T BUY IT. Because of the glass you won't be able to compost it.