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At another thread of TLF (see "Here") Merrily mentioned my new avatar.
I have chosen that pic, in reason one is able to see the in the moment the most worldwide-known "celebrity" of our tiny pool, where I live next to: the female Australian swan "Petra".

I want do do some small promotion for my city, Muenster, that in 2004 got the so called " LivCom Award ".

I have often seen Petra, during Laser "Manatee" (that's the registered official boatname of my Laser) and me sailed on our lake. We all here love Petra. Where she 2006 came from is unknown, but she likes our lake and us.
During the summers, the owner of our local sailingschool "Peter Overschmidt" did care for her. During the winters, she moved to the "local zoo" and the director of the zoo, "Joerg Adler and the MD for animals Dr. Sanda Silinski", at the zoo did look for her.

She got worldwide famous, because she felt in love with a big paddle-boat, that has the design of a white swan. That story went around the world. This onesided-love did hold till winter 2007/2008.
At the zoo, just a few months ago, Petra felt in love to a real white swan. The big swan paddleboat had to leave the zoo, just about a couple of weeks. Poor big swan... But, actually, Petra is again sinlge. Petra's new lover left her alone, perhaps this swan only was a "Latin-Lover". The love affairs of swan Petra seem to be an interesting source for international writers (at GER, already several writers wrote nice stories and a book and also a cinema-movie already exists, but I don't know, if it is nominated for the Golden Globe or the Oscar Award...;) ). Hey, it's Spring, I say. The likelyhood for her to fall in love again with another swan is good, we'll see.

For the actual story about Petra, one may "google" (keywords: "swan petra") or look "Here".

Usually, there exists an own website for Petra, that is part of the Hompage of Peter Overschmidt's sailingschool. His homepage is going to be redesigned completely in the moment and so, Petra's website ( http://www.schwanenliebe.de ) not is online in the moment, sorry.

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Today, March-31th, I changed my avatar at TLF for 24h. Swan Petra (my originally new avatar at TLF) returns soon. The reason, why I decided to do that, you find "here".

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Petra is famous. She was in the Columbus paper a few days ago, but of course, thanks to Lu, I already knew all about her. Poor lonely baby.
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I'm sad to report, the famous black ("Aussie") swan named "Petra" (view to my Avatar's photo) is missing.

It was in the beginning of this month, during our tiny pool "Lake Aasee" got frozen, Swan Petra did fly away and nobody knows where she is in the moment.
Some say she did fly to a town called Xanten at the River Rhine. But actually, today, the director of the local zoo of my town, Mr. Joerg Adler, did definitely checked by actual photos, that the black swan that is found at Xanten not is Petra.

Petra has no "birds-identity-ring" at the foots and is allways very friendly to humans. To recognize her, we need photos of the left foot of her. She perhaps is: at the Netherlands or Belgium or Poland or Denmark or England, we don't know.
Perhaps someone of TLF at those regions have (useful) informations? Let me know it, I would give this informations directly to the "Organisation of the Friends of Back Petra" at my town.

Thanks a lot, already yet.

Below, one finds some links for more information and some photos
and also a "wanted poster" (translated the poster says:

„Wanted“… is the missing black swan Petra

Who has informations about the worldwide known famous Australian Swan "Petra" of Muenster(Westfalia)/Germany. Who actually has seen her?

The “Freundeskreis der Schwarzen Petra” ("Organisation of the Friends of Back Petra") is very afraid about the actual whereabout and the actual health situation of her "godchild": the Black Swan "Petra".
Relevant informations could be given to:


Thanks for your attention!

(Lake Aasee)